I’m Bout fourfiveseconds From Wyldin’

B8J7XMxCIAADoDZyou ever heard a song that literally described who you were,
or what you were dealing with,
at that very moment?
you had to listen to it over and over because it was like therapy?

well this is it…
my super fav,
along with kanye west and sir paul mccartney,
dropped an acoustic track called “fourfiveseconds” on surprise.
i could not have needed it more…

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My Hair and my Ass Fake, But So What?

81pfDmHTj5L._SY355_those lyrics tho>>>>
so i’ve been a fan of jazmine sullivan since her debut.

maybe even before that.
my absolute favorite song from her is “lions, tigers, and bears”:

i think i played that song so much that mp3 was scratched up.
you can only imagine how i felt when i heard she retired?
well when i got word that jazmine had a new album,
  “reality show” on the way,
there was no question that i would be hopping on that.
i had a chance to listen to it on the way to the plantation and well…
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Mychal Kendricks Is A Video Hoe

tumblr_nar77vc8V21shbgx3o1_500so “lips ‘n’ eyebrows”,
aka nfl baller wolf mychal kendricks who plays for the eagles,
is now a video hoe.
what do you call a wolf who is the love interest in a video?
a video wolf?
anyway in a shocker i didn’t see coming,
teyana taylor,
released her new music video for “maybe” the other day.
yes you read right.
she recruited mychal kendricks to play her love interest and well…
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Lay In Bed and Stay With Me (Sam Smith)

samsmithwhen i’m going through it,
i listen to certain albums on repeat to get myself together.
i like music that can make me process my thoughts,
as well as make me feel inspired at the same time.
my top pick is usually lana del rey,
but since “ultraviolience” is waaayyyyyy too depressimg,
and i didn’t want to listen to “born to die”,
i needed a new fix.
well i was catching up on “mistresses” the other night and i found it.
okay so check it…
so joss was laying in the bed after a good smash session with dr. mchottiepants.
they was in an “afterglow” of some sort.
as they were talking,
a song was playing in the background.
it sounded old school.
i love those kind of tracks.
i thought it was from a black singer i didn’t hear about.
my shaazam app directed me to sam smith from london.
it was from his new album,
“the lonely hour”,
and this is the song that was playing on the episode…
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