Lloyd Will Be “Tarzan” (Just Not For Halloween)

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-4-43-21-pmyou know,
i was never really into lloyd all like that.
it was a “chris brown/trey songz/sometimes neyo” r&b world for me.
i had one of his albums,
but that’s as far as i’d go.
well lloyd has another album out since his last in 2011.
he is calling it “tru”.
check out the album cover he posted on his ig…
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Who Wants To Have A Slumber Party?!

britney-tinashe-slumber-party-remixi have a confession.
i been listening to britney spears first two albums lately.
i know.
it’s lighthearted pop fun that i need right now.
i like britney spears current album “glory” tho.
i haven’t listened to it in a while,
but i liked “slumber party”.
well britney dropped a remix video with tinashe the other day.
this is the outcome
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The “Moonlight” Soundtrack


you know when i like something,
i usually buy it.
on the train ride home,
i had to find out if “moonlight” had a soundtrack.
i bought it off itunes as soon as i walked in the crib.
i loved the journey of where the music took me.
i’m reminded of scenes that really pulled me in.
the soundtrack is a mixture of a score and 3 audio productions.
my only gripe?
it’s 37 minutes long.

A Seat At The Table With Visuals (“Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky”)

726solange is really turnin’ folks out one by one with this new album.
everyone is talking about it.
when it’s your time…
well solange released videos for two of my favorite tracks from “a seat at the table”:

“don’t touch my hair”


“cranes in the sky”

a vix-bi alerted me to the new releases and well…
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