A Seat At The Table With Visuals (“Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky”)

726solange is really turnin’ folks out one by one with this new album.
everyone is talking about it.
when it’s your time…
well solange released videos for two of my favorite tracks from “a seat at the table”:

“don’t touch my hair”


“cranes in the sky”

a vix-bi alerted me to the new releases and well…
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Always Remember: We Have “A Seat At The Table” (Solange)

solange-a-seat-at-the-table-book-1475087745-compressedit looks like the knowles vixens are woke.
so i love solange.
i have always admired her fearless attitude,
but i have always been a huge fan of her music.
star fox and i kilt “sol-angel and the hadley st. dreams”.
every time she releases an album,
i relate to whatever she is going through.
i have all of her albums,
including that first one,
“solo star” where she was something she wasn’t.
like most siblings who live in the shadow of “the golden cub”,
they tend to be more “aware” with their rebellion.
solange is that to me.
so she released her album yesterday,
“a seat at the table”,
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Lady Gaga Fall Off Was A “Perfect Illusion”


so lady gaga is back.
she definitely made an interesting “come back”.
at first,
it looked like she fell off hard when it came to music.
“art pop” was an “art flop”.
so she took a break which was a wise choice.
she chilled,
made a jazz duet album with tony bennett,
started acting in “american horror story: hotel”,
and won a golden globe for “best actress in a limited series”.
sometimes you gotta fall all the way back to get humbled.
well lady gaga is back with a new song.
it’s called “perfect illusion”
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