So We Have A New Queen?

adele-rollingstone-cover-2015-billboard-510i have been listening to “25” non stop since it came out.
its like i’ll hear one song and have it on repeat for a few hours.
right now,
i’m killin’ “send my love (to your new lover)”.
i’m actually impressed with adele tho.
she knows the art of going away.
she lets her public miss her.
she also has a fan base who buys her music.
she doesn’t do what the others vixens do.
always having to supply attention out of insecurity.
she is a very private person and lets her music speak to you.
i guess thats why she sold ( x 3.5 million albums ) this week.
it also helped she didn’t allow any streaming.
so while other stan bases are fuming,
and having online temper tantrums,

 i guess this means she gets the…
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Is Chris Brown A Rough Neck Pineapple Trying To Satisfy Me?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.20.30 PM….with his music that is.
*wink wink*
chris brown
is trying to come hard with this new album of his.

i don’t really like the singles i’ve heard thus far,
but he is trying to do a remake of an old school classic.
check out the song he wants teyana taylor to assist him with…
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Sam Smith Remakes Whitney and Amy For Us

tumblr_m2ixjymIcA1r7r8e0o1_1280one of my favorite songs from the late whitney houston is “how will i know”.
that song is on the soundtrack to my life.
  honorable mention: “just the lonely talking”.
well sam smith,
another artist i love,
re-released his emo-inspiring album,
“in the lonely hour”.
he decided to title it,
“in the lonely hour: drowning sorrows edition”.
definitely what i need as i play “call of duty” this weekend.
well he attempted a remake of “how will i know” and well…
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