Dance Like We’re Practicing Abstinence

giphyi don’t want to practice that dance.
i want to dance to:

*insert some ratchet jamari foolishness here*

well ciara released her new video “dance like we’re making love” and well…
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I’m Holding On For Dear Life (won’t look down; won’t open my eyes)

tumblr_n19iyhD4vR1qzcq51o1_500everyone has an album that gets them through.
we have talked about that in earlier foxhole conversations.
someone’s “painful album”can bring you comfort within your own pain.
this whole work wolf situation has taken me places emotionally i never thought i had.
one minute i’m happy and the next i’m a mess.
well i was talking to jay and he mentioned he was listening to…
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(We Go Deep) We Don’t Get “No Sleeep”

janet-jackson-that-grape-juice-2015-919191019181818191-600x371so janet jackson is back.
you know ( x i told you ) she is coming back strong for 2015.
new tour.
new album.
well she put a countdown on her website for 9am this morning.
every forest was buzzing as to what was about to happen.
well it happened.
she released her first single,
“no sleeep”,
and well…
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I Like Sausage

tumblr_kw4gzsjQmi1qzw5cri like sausage.
i like it for breakfast.
i like it between my egg and cheese on a roll.
i also like it in between my bunz.
everyone been telling me about this new song and video,
they said it was from lil mama.
the title made me eye roll almost instantly.
i decided to take a peak at the video and well…
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The Wolf Is Mine (and I’ll Show Up At Your Door 2 Let U Know)

Brandy-Monica-It-All-Belongs-to-Meso i’m watching monica’s “soul story” on vh-1 with mi.
between brandy and her,
even tho i have mad love for brandy because she got me through,
i loved monica’s swagg.
plus she stayed with sexy wolves in her videos.
even tho out of the 90s vixens,
aaliyah and mya got most my love.
i love a vixen who can dance.

thats another story.
well my favorite album from monica is “the boy is mine”.
ironically so is my favorite video as well…
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You Down (But When You Gonna Get Up?)

amelalbumsi heard “get up” by amel larrieux the other day and its been stuck in my head since.
so today i decided to buy her two albums,
“infinite possibilities” and “bravebird”.
i wasn’t much of a fan before,
i love soul music so i said i’d give her a shot.
mi is blastin’ trap music and makin insta-videos in the living room.
her phone don’t leave her hand.
she also cookin lunch so i’ll let her have her moment.
i lit some incense and locked myself away in my den.