I’m A Dangerous Fox (You Make Me)


okay ariana.
with your lolita lookin’ tail.
those rabbit ears are so suggestive.
they really make play up her “younger/old” look.
it’s very interesting.

i dig this album.
i listened to it all day.
every song i like.
she always seems to mature with every album.

i’m just glad they burned those gogo boots from last era.

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Adele Is Trying To Make Me Sick

latestthis song came right on time for me.
i have been ignoring my adele albums like the plague.
i knew if i listened to anything from her,
i’d be all in my feelings.
well the other day i was on apple music and saw she had a new single.

“send my love (to your new lover)”

i was excited because that is my favorite song off the “25” album.
i also relate to it quite heavy nowadays.
well she premiered the video during the #bbmas and well…
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A Day Without Rain (Compliments of Enya)

latesti know i’m about to come off real corny,
but has anyone ever listened to this snow vixen’s music?
her name is enya and she is amazing.
her music literally puts me at peace.
i discovered her music getting a massage at this russian spot.
i had to stop the massage to find out the name of the album.
i wouldn’t listen to her music on the way to work,
but after a long day,
enya is it.
these are my favorite cuts off her album,
“a day without rain”
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