You Don’t Even Need To Give Throat To Get Someone Credit Card

usbswiper-usb-magnetic-stripe-credit-card-readeryou go to a nice restaurant for dinner,
you end up having a good meal!
the waitress comes at the end and gets your card.
you give it with no issues.
life is good, right?
well you go look in your account and you have no money.
you blink once and look again.
okay so wtf???
you look at withdrawal list and you see a ton of charges you never did.
foxhole let me introduce how the credit card scammer that got your shit…
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So A Nice Coat of Wet Throat Can Kill You Now. Great.

a lot of people are about to really feel it from this new STD on the market…

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QUICKIE: The Other Wolf Who ALLEGEDLY Got Robbed By The Jackal

sorry boys.

Peter Rosenberg Slams Chris Brown…. And Not In The Homo Way.

peter rosenberg is so disrespectful… and i love him for it.
one thing about rosenberg is he calls it like he sees it.
nicki minaj learned her lesson.
this time, he saw right though chris brown on hot97 “the realness” and proceeded to let him have it…
…. *inserts a no homo*.

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Are You Ready To Suck A Warm 10″ Inch Pipe For Your Rent Money?

i got an interesting comment last week on an old entry.
something happened recently with someone else and it brought me back to that comment.
it made me ponder the state of black america and what we deem as “paid“.

check it out below…

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