f0xmail: He Got Ashy Elbows! Help!



Hey Jamari!

A question for the mail bag. How do I tell my “work boo” who is very dark skinned to put lotion on his elbowswithout sounding offensive or gay? We are 2 of the 3 only black men in our department. Honestly he’s too fine to be walking around with ashy ass elbows. 👊🏾 LOL

Thanks !!!


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f0xmail: My Ex Has Blocked Me On Everything! Help!


Oh my gosh Jamari 😩😩😩😩 I’m literally going through this experience at school. I attend this HBCU and I have been dating him since school started, we broke up beginning of last week, and we were still “friends” and still cool, at least according to him. Then Thursday afternoon everything changed for some reason, he’s not talking to me anymore, I gave him 2 days to his self and I went out drinking, and I unfortunately fell victim to the drunk texting scandal, mainly because he was watching all of my snaps, so I sent him a snap. No response. Called him. No answer. A text. He read it 30 minutes after and didn’t reply, I leave the situation alone, the next day I text him to find out I’m on the block list… Well today, I see him in the café at school with his friends and they sit in my line of view purposefully I’m guessing, one of his friends knew about us and the other one didn’t, he is kind of in the closet still, and for some reason he finally decides to unfollow me on Instagram, now keep in mind it’s been like 4 days since he blocked me but yet he still watches everything I do on snapchat.i was there for him when he was depressed and having bad thoughts. And when he didn’t have any money I supported our relationship, buying him stuff, paying for our dates and food. I was even there when he thought he contracted hiv from an ex. I still love him even though he’s being a total ass. I’ve been having thoughts of popping up on his ass.

What do I do? 

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f0xmail: My Pipe Doesn’t Work Anymore. Help!


For about almost two years now I have been dealing with an issue that I finally got the courage to write to you about. I am 26 years old and I have absolutely no sex drive, yep my libido is down the toilet. To give you a little background info I have year around allergies that have been really bad the last couple years to the point that I had to start allergy shots weekly, and take claritin and sudafed decongestant everyday just to be able to function. I know sudafed d can lower your libido but I have to take it. My sex drive has been diminishing the last couple years but now my penis doesn’t even really get hard anymore, whenever I get an erection now my penis gets hard for less than a minute and goes right back limp. This is TMI but whenever I fap my penis doesn’t even get fully erect and when it is time to release my semen volume is low and watery. I go through periods of no fapping to see if that will help but it doesn’t, I even have taken maca root pills for a few months and they don’t work. I don’t what to talk to my doctor because I am so embarrassed. I know this fox mail was so TMI but I need help asap.

Any suggestions on how to get my sex drive back Jamari and the foxhole?

SN: please be serious it took a lot for me to write this.


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f0xmail: Kellon Deryck, Amiyah Scott… and Steven Beck?

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.27.49 PMwell today is steven beck’s birthday.
“happy birthday steven!”
i got a f0xmail this morning about steven and i couldn’t wait to post it.
as you know,
foxhole fav,
kellon deryck has gotten a boost in popularity.
he needs to thank amiyah scott for putting him further on the map.
he has been the talk of many forests.
well it seems steven beck may also be involved in this scheme as well.
this is what was shoved into my box
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