f0xmail: I Had One Night With A Baller Wolf and I’m Hooked! Help!



Soo i went to a baller wolves house last night who i met on a hookup site…Craigslist! Anyway, it was just supposed to be a one night stand NSA or whatever. Let me just say, the moment I pulled in his neighborhood, I was HOOKED! House was laid, did I mention he was FINE as all get out (I love Dreadheads) and had alot of good shit going for himself. We talked. He asked questions. I answered and asked. We fucked…My God that man can eat a MEAN ass! He was a true gentlemen about Everything and I think he genuinely really liked me…(his words/actions). He would not go to sleeep till I made it home at 1am in the morning.
Maybe I’m over reading this,
but I’m Hooked!

How can this be? lol

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f0xmail: He Went Deep and I Started to Bleed. Help!


hello jamari

im T from london
i always check your website for advices
you are very good at it
i have a problem
well a typical fox one lol

i have been active sexually as a fox for about 4 years but recently i had sex with  a wolf (hot ! lol) he did some “deep stroke” and then i started bleeding (which we noticed when he pulled out because i didn’t feel any pain etc) the bleeding stopped it was not really bad just some  reddish blood mixed with some hmmm inside fluids (sorry to be so graphic)
the thing is i don’t know if it’s a big issues because my behind is still fine,no pain or bleeding when im having my “me” time in the toilets lol, i wanted to know if i can see a doctor for that (which can be embarrassing) because i don’t know what lie to tell,
or should i wait for a couple of months to get it down there again ?
your advice and help will be good
cheers as british says

PS: we used protection

(this will have graphic content underneath.
so if you are whiny or “straight”,
i suggest you sit this one out)
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f0xmail: I’m A Wolf Who Wants A Nerdy Fox. Help!


Ayo Jamari…

I’m an inexperienced wolf from Chi town. Been having trouble meeting other black dudes in my area that get down…but I’m attracted to bruthas that are pretty much the opposite of myself. I like them soft, nerdy type (but NOT fem) niggas that mostly into anime and ready comics. Well, low and behold I was run into this one cute lil’ dude in my local Target. Dude is so so adorable and I been tryna put the moves on him for a minute but I can’t really get a read on him. He could just be one of them geek-ish black dudes but not get down and if he got down do you think he would be into white wolves??? But I did lowkey snap a picture of him
18532him(i feel like a stalker now SMH) so you guys could see if maybe it looks like he mess around.

What do you think?
And how should I approach him?


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f0xmail: My Friend Is Being Neglected! Help!


Hey Buddy:

Low-key: I have know you for a while and love your website. Now I’m not the big advice wolf so I need your take on this for my friend.
What would you do..Do you ever have the feeling that you know you are right but you continue want to be wrong about things…. ?
So you meet this wolf who keeps saying he wants to hang out. You set up times move your schedule to accommodate. That day comes and nothing…You end up calling the wolf to see what happened. Okay things happen but it seems like everytime there is something, the wolf wants to see you as he works bicostally.
When he is on your coast and you try to get that time then you are thrown between friends, brunch,and  any and everything else. You also still have to check to see if your time is gonna happen… The wolf wants to be with you or so it’s said ….You go off because you just need to know what’s up…You think he and his New Yark X are done…Then in an exchange you find out the The wolf has another wolf who lives on the west coast which he never mentioned that he was still kicking it with between all the 750 texts and for your eyes only ass selfies. At  This point,you feel some kinda way about the lies and deceit .The wolf tries to make it seem like you got the issue.  He states he is not used to having pressure put on him about things….He states that things should be on his terms…. This same wolf wants to do an event business with you. He says he thinks your cool and should relax.
What should you do short of going to jail or throwing a brick in that new BMW..As respect is key here but you are the crazy one for always seeking clarity.. Your concerns are always dismissed and you just supposed to just be cool with what ever?
I need to help my friend and he don’t want to call Kywan….

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f0xmail: My Boyfriend Found Our New Roommate on Jackd. Help!


Hey Jamari…

I’ve been a reader for about 2 years and have been a big fan of the site.I’m reaching out for advice with the relationship I’m in. I’m originally for Brooklyn NY grew up in Long-island moved to Atlanta for school (Georgia state) met a 28 year old wolf on jackd. I’m 20 we have really good chemistry we’ve been off and on a couple of times. Recently I moved in with him to save money on housing he has a townhouse in Atlanta and I thought why not so I moved in about a month ago and 2 weeks ago my boyfriend lost his job I work part time at w grocery store so I help out but it’s simply not enough my boyfriend tells me he puts up an add on jackd i instantly get upset and tell him I don’t think this is a good idea he says I don’t want to put an add on Craigslist because the overflow of responses would be to much. Ok so I’m out of town visiting family for the weekend and I call my boyfriend multiple times no answer so he calls me the next day and says sorry bae I was interviewing the new room mate I said why didn’t u tell me ohh u where in a mood. Okay cool he then tells me he’s a bottom light skin and sends me a picture of him I say ok he’s a bottom i don’t care why are u sending me a picture of him ohh just so u can kno what the new roomate looks like. He then says that he told him about me and showed him my Instagram and says this is my boyfriend. So I’m confused once again why are u showing this boy my Instagram now he says to my boyfriend am I the type to say something if he says hi to my boyfriend while he has his underwear on I then say wtf are u serious this is total disrespect unless he wants his ass whipped I don’t think this is a good idea my boyfriend says I’m over reacting we get into a huge argument he’s saying I need to get over myself I now want to go to this boys job and fight him. I feal like he can have him,  Aswell as im looking to move out I need advice

Jamari please help


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f0xmail: I Like The Way He Touches Me… At Work! Help!


Hi Jamari,

I just want to start and say that I really love your blog. I’ve subscribed to get alert from your site when you post and when there’s a comment. At school, at work (sometimes), I read it all the time, though I may not comment all the time. I’ve saved some of your tips (apps, personal hygiene, reviews etc) for further reference. You also give superb advice. As a result, this is why I’m here.

I work at a home improvement retailer and there is this guy that my department collaborate with often. We both work in different departments. He is 6 years my junior (I’m 27, he’s 21). Every time we interact, there is always some hint of interest on both our behalves. We always greet each other with a handshake but on one occasion, he did the index finger in the palm handshake.

I was surprised. The first occasion I played it off. The second time that it happened, I approached him and asked him if he knew what it meant. He said he did and that he and he did it to another guy at work who is straight (funny enough I managed to find out that he didn’t). So again I sorta brushed it off but looked at him with the side eye.

Recently, he began touching my goatee in jest while in conversation (sometimes when we’re alone and sometimes in the presence of coworkers and customers). One time he did that, I asked him if he is gay and he denied it. I told him that no self respecting “straight” guy would do the things he have done. Even after that convo, he still continues to do it and I just feign ignorance.

I’m not out there at work and I can count on one hand (of the 300+ people that work there) how many people at work know that I’m gay. So I ask, how do I go about letting this guy know that, 1) I’m also interested in him and 2) the best possible way to do so. I rather something when we are one-on-one. He says that he’s not gay but I find this hard to believe since his actions say otherwise (no straight guy I know would do the finger palm handshake with a guy not once but twice or touch the face of a guy in that way). Any advice from you and / or the foxhole, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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f0xmail: Thank You Letter



Hey Jamari!!!

I’ve a recent reader of you’re blog for the past couple of months and I have to say that I’m completely in love with it and the work you’re doing!!! I wanted to thank for the inspiration you’ve been giving me and you’re fellow readers. I love how personal you are with us and how you let us in on both the highs and lows of your life. I’m currently in my second year of medical school and the last couple have really been difficult. I’ve been having a hard time this year because the workload is really intense,I have no money or free time, fighting depression and loneliness, and trying to date. I’ve been regretting doing school and have been considering quitting and doing something else. But I found you’re blog and I really connected with your struggles with work/career but still finding the good at the end of the day and how to look on the brighter/realer side of things. Its given me a lot more hope and reignited my fire and passion to get into my career and find my  baller hybrid! I hope I didn’t type too much and I’m no words smith so I hope I didn’t bore you lol but I just had to thank you for the constant encouragement you put out!!!!! XOXOXO


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f0xmail: How Can I Find A Baller Wolf To Sponsor Me? Help!


I read your blog all the time and like a lot of people I find myself drooling over these guys swimming in dough. My question to you is how would I find one.. I don’t live in a state where any reside. I’m not ugly at all but I don’t have a lot of money. I have goals, dreams that I want to accomplish and I hear about ballers splurging these conceited vain hoes in material things when all I want is more education and to pay off my debt which isn’t much. Enough rambling, my question to you is one that you probably have gotten a lot: How would I find a baller or do you know of any that are looking for someone? Any help or advice would be appreciated.  I’m going through a hard time in life, a very hard time and I’m trying.


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f0xmail: He Met His New Bitch After I Gave Him Good Wood! Help!


A good topic for foxmail.
So Jamari, I have this homie that just got into a little situation.
I met this dude on A4A about a year ago. We flirted heavy and when we finally met he literally made my mouth drop he was so attractive. 6′ 200lbs bald head, neat beard, swole body and swole ass too. We actually sat down ate, talked about everything and saw a movie.
Long story short, after the movies, his ass was dessert and he sucked my dick took a nap on my chest and woke up and sucked my dick so more. Now usually I can deal with no strings attached sex, but something was just so different and genuine about him. I held this dude’s hand and I’m not the sentimental type at all. I got the feeling it was more for him too, being that he wanted me to stay and he kissed and hugged me before I left that night.
No contact for two weeks! I can’t lie I was completely depressed about it.
He finally hits me out of the blue and basically acts as if that whole night never happened. I don’t know why, but I just went along with it despite the fact my feelings were really hurt to the core. Eventually I just bury the feelings and try to be friends. We work out together a lot and he’s been a pretty good friend. I have also gone out of my way to be a good friend to him as well.
So fast forward to today and he’s began this relationship with this new dude and I know I should be happy for him but I’m not.
He’s talking about how he’s finally having sex again and this dude is taking him on dates and now they’re working out together.
In the past, despite what was going on in my own personal life, I could always be happy and supportive for friends.
I really don’t like the person that’s feeling like this. I don’t know if I’m still pissed he completely ignored our first experience together, or jealous that he’s found someone, or sad that I’ve always been alone, or worried I’ll always be alone, or just a combination of everything.
I just hate thinking “I hope it won’t last.” or “He’s greek. He’s probably fucking a multitude of dudes and you’re the flavor of the moment. Don’t get too excited.”
 I just feel like I always fall into this role of being the odd man out. The “friend”. I usually resort to unhealthy and risky behaviors to deal.
I know I sound salty as fuck, but it’s making me re-evaluate some shit man.
All these nigga’s phone numbers I have in my phone, freaks, homies, friends and no one to check on me since I’ve been secluding to my room with this flu all week. NO ONE!
Then to add insult to injury this dude is introducing his new bitch to his other friends. I been cool with this dude for over a year and I’ve met no one but you known this dude one month and you’re introducing him to your friends at happy hour.
Am I just fighting my true nature by forcing these sorry excuses for friendships? 
Am I completely fucked up bruh?


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f0xmail: I Think This Jailbird Wolf Wants My Bunz. Help!


Hey Jamari…

I’m having a lil dilemma reading this past prison wolf Im employed with. When I first met him 2 months ago I noticed the natural attraction I have for him. He’s dark skin, about 45, 6’3, permanent gold fronts and hella cool. He’s a daddy type, a SEXXXY daddy type. So everyday we come in to work he sees me, makes his way over and starts up a convo. Every convo ends the same; on sex. He talks about how he be fucking women, how big. His dick is, his stroke game, alotta mature real black man shit. It’s so sexy to me, but anywho I’m a very attractive male with a nice physique. I’m masc and I have a big round butt that alotta guys require. No one here knows I’m gay except him. He can tell for some reason but I can’t tell about him. He’s always talking about sex as people he’s gonna fuck, I just need some help. If he is down, how do I proceed. how would I know if he isn’t? I just don’t wanna be rejected I mean I have before but not by someone I’m naturally attracted too and yes Jamari he can tell from my smiles and the way I respond back, I even brought him lunch yesterday and I don’t know what to say. I think he wants to fuck me and I would love to let him on the regular.

Plz give me some of that infinite knowledge and wisdom.

(viewer discretion strongly advised)

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f0xmail: The Issue of My “crushlovelustwhateveryouwannacallit”!

tumblr_moyd7cihg31qekrg7o1_1280 FOXMAIL


Let me start off by saying that 99.9% of the time, your posts are DEAD ON dude & I love every single one of them. You keep me coming back, each and every time! Keep it up homie. Now, on to a dude’s dilemma:

There’s this guy I’ve basically gone in & out of “crushlovelustwhateveryouwannacallit” with for the past 4 years. We were co-workers for three of those four years and nothing happened between us except for MY EX-BEST (girl) FRIEND ALMOST SLEEPING WITH HIM. (Yes, it affected our relationship that deep.)

From the aforementioned statement, you can tell he’s basically “straight”. But there was ALWAYS something there between us. Tension? Curiosity? IDK. He took me to the movies a few times (mind you, he only wanted him & I to go… mmmmhmmmm…), but nothing more than that. After him leaving my workplace last year, he got a new job in the same town. I see him all the time & I’m not sure what I feel. He gives me these high-school ass feelings, but I swore I was over this nigga. LIKE, WHAAA?! I tend to give him a sliiiiiight cold shoulder here & there just to prove to myself that I’m over him. (Dunno if it’s doing harm or good.) Everyone that I talk to about him tells me not to feel the way I feel because they think he’s “douche-ish” and that I can do WAY better, but I’m torn as a motherfucker! I still find him intriguing…

You like who you like sometimes, fuck what others think, right? (J, tell me I’m right. LMAO.) He still wants us to smoke a blunt together & shit, but I’m hesitant! I curve him on purpose! LOL. He can be fleeing sometimes (i.e. seem uninterested, returns texts hours later, etc.) and I know that has something to do with why I be on that #SWIRVlife. LOL. I’m part of your gold digger era, so I’m completely invested in my self-worth, and that goes hand in hand with my dating life. I know what I offer. I’m not easy. I value me, and I feel like my polarity to the issue is due to me considering my value before anything. I wanna stay true to me but don’t wanna be judgmental to this just because of the opinions of others, you know?

Tell me J, do I go on and try to make something work with the dude?

Or do I continue to wait for someone “worth my time”?

(P.S., Feel free to share this with the Foxhole if you’d like. I have no secrets. LMAO. Hey, maybe someone else feels the way I’m feeling…)

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