This Goes Out To All The Wolves (Throw That Boy Pussy)

012535i had a terrible day.
well until…
everyone was rude as shit today for no apparent reason.
i came home,
kicked my shoes off,
pulled all my clothes off,
and decided to relax while sipping hot chocolate.
well an f-bi sent me this video called,
and get this,
“throw that boy pussy” by fly young red.
yes you read right.
look at this.
(if you’re straight then ignore this entry)…
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Lick Your Tongue Around My Honey Bunz

demhoneybunzim feelin’ horny today.
ironically i’m also out of all fucks as well.
“ratchet jamari” is out to play.
since i’m feelin sum kinda way,
you’ll also be feeling that way as well.
who wants sum tasty NSFW honey bunz?
my “straight readers” may want to wait until the next entry…

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Corbin Bleu and His Tight Pants Dance The Night Away

tumblr_mtyshqtdEf1qby1lio2_500so when i first met corbin bleu,
it was at an event a couple years ago.
i didn’t even know who he was,
but he walked up and shook my hand.
we didn’t talk long,
but i remember him being very nice.
i appreciate celebrities like that.
well corbin is now on dancing with the stars this season.
my favorite assologist sent me emails for the wolves because…

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Kanye West Has A Donkey On His Back

Kanye+West+Shopping+At+Cartier+KMjOuTo32-Tx…and it’s not kim or kris.
kanye west
went to cartier yesterday in beverly hills.
he probably went to buy something pretty for… himself.
you know how ye do.
i guess he took on most of the baby weight.
where did ye get this donk from?…

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