The Follow Up That Is “Michael Jackson” NOT Played By

well that was quick.
even resting peacefully,the king of pop can still make moves.
so remember ( x that disgusting trailer ) for what i thought was a movie,
but is really a show,
called “urban myths”?
they had a white actor “trying” to play michael jackson.
well it’s been pulled from the episode line up.
here is what happened via npr
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Let’s Meet With Donald Trump To Help “Us”!

it seems like everyone wants to play “peacemaker” with our new president.
all of our “important” blacks are lining up to meet with him.
that last sentence was filled with sarcasm.
i guess they want to play “hero”.
kanye was the first and now we got another to put on his cape.
check who met with donald trump today via the shade room
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Lee Daniels Got Dragged To A “Misquote”

opinions change after a much needed dragging.
so remember ( x all that nonsense ) lee daniels was talking?
well he changed his tune.
it was a little flat.
he was apparently “misquoted”.
at the tca (television critics association),
he said this via the hollywood reporter
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The Disrespect That Is “Michael Jackson” Played By

they really like to play michael jackson,
don’t they?
the man is resting in perfect peace and here they go…
so there is a movie coming out called “urban myths”.
a snow wolf,
by the name of joseph fiennes,
is going to play michael.
it already starting out bad.
take a look at the trailer
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