Queen Latifah Says It Was Hard To Play Gay (Like Some?)

alright queen!
i love queen latifah.
i’ve been a fan of hers since “living single”.
i have seen all her movies besides “bessie”.
i know.
she has smooth gone through this industry without any drama.
well another who i love,
tracee ellis ross,
interviewed queen for the march 2017 in style magazine.
tracee asked her what her hardest role to play was.
this was her answer
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Trey Songz Gains A Reality Show (Jamari Fox Gains Utter Confusion)

i usually call him by “tremaine”,
but with this nonsense,
he is “trey songz” today.
so trey songz is either trolling or wants us to laugh… at him.
he has a reality dating show coming out on v-h1.
when i think of anyone who does reality shows,
i think:

a) career on the decline
b) career on the “d” line
c) gon’ crazy

well his show will be hosted by draya and steelo brim.
check out the trailer
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Omarion Has A Platter of Bunz For His New Video

omarion aka o-cakes best feature is his tail.
you know this.
i know this.
he even knows this.
i guess this is why for his new music video,
“bdy on me”,
he is showing off his tail for foxhole review.
and in jeans with no drawz on…
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