Chrisette Michele’s Hypeman Tells Spike Lee How He Feels

you gotta be careful who your “hypeman” is.
it could either be a friend,
or your s/o,
but the wrong hyena or jackal could have you out here looking crazy.
well chrisette michele’s hypeman happens to be her wolf,
doug ellison.
after spike lee banished her work from his project,
this is what he retweeted from her twitter via baller alert
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Women’s March = Success

it’s good to see all the snow bunnies ban together for the women’s march.
i’m sure these were the ones who didn’t secretly vote for…
there were also sista vixens there fighting the good fight as well.
i also loved seeing the likes of katy perry and rihanna in the crowds.
i had to wonder if rihanna had security how “in it” she was?

it’s amazing what can happen when folks come together who share a common enemy.

lowkey: have you noticed snow bunnies don’t call each other “sisters”.
black vixens will call a random her “sista”.
snow bunnies don’t seem to follow that “togetherness” until…

videos taken: instagram

250k Is The Price of a Soul Nowadays

chrisette michele is the soul we are talking about today.
the trump forests allegedly paid her 250k to perform this mess
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Our President Is Still Black, But Officially Gone

that was obama saying goodbye to his home of 8 years.
such a beautiful shot from pete souza.

so i was a mess today at work.
the office was also high on emotions.
everyone kept busy,
but there was that underlying sadness in the air.
even though i didn’t agree with a lot of the things he did,
or had a lot of questions,
barack and michelle obama got my tears today.
i tried my hardest to contain them,
but this part of the programming is what really floored me…
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