Left, Right, The Side, Down The Middle, or The Back Door

the path either goes:

in a circle

whatever you choose will either get you to your destination:

back to where you started

not at all

it just takes one decision to change your life forever.
it’s valentine’s day and i have a lot of shit on my mind.
not on some “i need love” shit.
i’m good.
something else…
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Jamari Fox Is The Talk Of The Forest

everyone likes gossip.
gossip sells magazines and creates personas.
as much as we pretend we don’t,
our ears perk up when we hear other folk’s business.
i’ll be 100 with ya.
i like to hear the “he gets down” talk.
i never use it to out anyone,
but i’ll know who my eyes are set on to entertain in my foxhole.
forests and foxholes confirm all the wolves/hybrids/and foxes.
well i knew i’d be the gossip of why i’m not at my last job.
i thought i kept my exit pretty quiet.
thing 2 called me last night with another story…
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2am Thoughts

writers block.
the thoughts in my head and all over the place.
i haven’t had any peace of mind since i was kicked to the curb.
all i been doing is laying on my back.
or my side.
or my stomach.
i did take showers and get some food.
not having much of an appetite tho.
i’m just existing right now.
my bed is an island and i’m the only one on it.
for someone who is supposed to be “resting and relaxing”,
or “getting his mind together”,
i’m doing a horrible job.
it’s just all these random thoughts leading me to horror.
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