The NEW New Yawk

its amazing how much new yawk has changed over the years.
i heard everyone talking about it,
and giving reasons why they left/leaving,
but i stayed in my own routine to really understand.
it’s amazing what you see when your eyes start to open.
even with you as an animal within this concrete forest.
the pretty vixen and i met up to hang out…
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That Time The Severance Check Caused Me To Explode

i loathe trifling’ ass muthafuckas.
i really do.

Wouldn’t it be great if jackals and hyenas didn’t exist in this world?

we need them tho.
if they didn’t exist,
to steal and scheme you out your happiness,
then we wouldn’t know how to fight and survive.
i woke up today,
because i was getting my 2 week severance check.
i needed that money.
there is a ton of clothes i need to wash and i need to re-up on food.
things would go a lot different.
from the start

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Left, Right, The Side, Down The Middle, or The Back Door

the path either goes:

in a circle

whatever you choose will either get you to your destination:

back to where you started

not at all

it just takes one decision to change your life forever.
it’s valentine’s day and i have a lot of shit on my mind.
not on some “i need love” shit.
i’m good.
something else…
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