And The Results Are…

tumblr_m7f5t26vsR1qz4d4bo1_400so as i was at the laundry today,
i decided to call the doctor to find out my results.
he told me to call today and he would tell me over the phone.
i won’t lie…
i was nervous as hell.
what if this doctor told me something to destroy my life?
how will i handle it?
well i asked mi to be with me as i got the results…
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Charge Me Up A Little Happy; Letting Go Of These Fucks

tumblr_n1n0npYgDu1r8twxmo1_500so i realized my happiness starts when i lose the fucks.
i accumulated a lot of fucks.
it explains all this stress and weight loss.
left has been asking me to get a ps4 for a minute now.
between the 2 page text dissertation,
and speech that followed,
he could as well worked for the sony corp.
since i know i was gonna get one anyway for “batman arkham knight”,
i told mi get dressed and take a run with me real quick.
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