He Heard Me (Thank God)

tumblr_nrgj8rN5PP1qc2waio1_500its so funny,
but when i call out to star fox or god for help,
i get an answer.
it almost scary how it happens.
so everyone knows i stream td jakes service every sunday.
i am a faithful potter’s house e-member.
this week was the t.o.r.i graduates and retired baller wolf,
ray lewis,
was invited to speak.
well he was tugging on my heart strings so i started to cry.
it took church to release everything i was storing inside.
in the middle of my weeping,
i prayed that god and star fox for help.
well no sooner than i said that,
i got a text on my phone…
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And The Results Are…

tumblr_m7f5t26vsR1qz4d4bo1_400so as i was at the laundry today,
i decided to call the doctor to find out my results.
he told me to call today and he would tell me over the phone.
i won’t lie…
i was nervous as hell.
what if this doctor told me something to destroy my life?
how will i handle it?
well i asked mi to be with me as i got the results…
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