Taylor Swift Does Something We All Saw Coming

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 7.33.38 PMwho didn’t see this coming?
when ever you rushing into something so fast,
it is bound to fail.
they started out kissing on some rock.
suddenly after,
tom is meeting mommy.
taylor needs to slow all the way down.
hell get out the damn car.
her virginal body count is rising.

lowkey: he better prepare to have his name slandered in a song.

screen grab taken: people magazine

Watch My Pole!


isn’t it terrible when your pole gets in the way?
don’t act like it never has.
oh wait…
you aren’t pole jumping and your name isn’t hiroki ogita.
he was participating in the pole vault competition at the rio olympics today.
a foxholer sent me what happened via ny daily news
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