1. UrSoVain :

    Bow Wow who?

    That thang right there?!?! Thats husband. Do they make em like that in our size? Can I have one? You would never hear from me AGAIN!

    I would still update…
    but Im sure I would be pinned under something.

  2. Random

    #whoisjamarifox :
    ^what is it like in Nebraska Random?
    Is it suburban? Does it have a hood?
    I’m so use to the Concrete Forest,
    I am always intrigued to life in other states…

    We have a surburb, yeah. And we also have several hoods. It’s like any other state, really.
    A bit country. We’re corn fed. :)

  3. Killablaq

    Yeah I been to yo state my nephew taught at yo school and his wife graduated for the Law School. The place is one huge corn field lol. Yeah the brothers there have two problems most of them have never seen another brother out there, and they all got their start wrestling sheep lol I kid Nebraska I love the state lol Where the bottoms act like tops lol

  4. yeah they do look alike. & the fact that he excels in a “non traditional” black sport gives him more point. jamari u sure do know how to pick em boo!!!

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