Aaron O’Connell Can Also Get My “Haves” and “What’s Nots”

Aaron-OConnellam i the only one who thinks this snow wolf is fine?
i would definitely put him on my trophy case.
who is he you ask?
his name is aaron o’connell.
he plays wyatt on haves and haves nots.
good job tyler p for the casting for this show.
aaron is also a model (jockey, lucky, etc) before this sudden acting fame:

he is CLEARLY shy about his body.

x see more photos here

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i love his chest and cheeks.
the way he wears his clothes on the show:

thumbs-upif he (and tyler lepley) keep on being randomly shirtless,
i’ll keep on watching.
thank you aaron.

lowkey: i missed this week’s episode,
but i’ll watch tomorrow.

x visit aaron here

x see his resume


  1. How does tyler perry keep scouting these talent to the show. Every tyler perry movie/ply features some hottie.. He looks soo southern in a cook me homemade dinner with “buhheter and ahwl” and massage me kind of way, good .

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