Don’t Be Sittin On My Baller Wolf (I’ll Be The One To Bring It 2 Ya)

everyone has been asking me my opinion on this scandal.
the “yolanda/russell wilson/no ciara” scandal.
as you know (or didn’t) ciara’s best friend,
yolanda frederick,
was dragged from here to timbuktu.
she was on video sitting on ciara’s hubbys lap earlier this week.
ciara’s husband is nfl baller wolf,
russell wilson.
on the lap with “hand on thigh” action.
well then she thought it was a good idea to throw this up on her ig…
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HBCU: Where The Real Meat and Potatoes Is At?

i had the choice of going to an hbcu in the early 2000s.
i passed on it due to…
i don’t even know.
that was during “wild af” phase.
i always wanted to experience the southern hbcu college life.
as i watched “the quad” on bet,
it pains me that i never got to experience it.
i know a few vixens who went and loved it.
star fox went to one briefly down there.
i remember him liking it and the pipes he was getting too.
i hear the frat wolves down there are some real freaks also.
like so…
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