Released Onto Me (I Got On My Knees After)

i was spending most of my days researching and asking questions.
it was concerning to me.


i went to websites with various answers to my question.
most where positive.
others were downright scary.
i didn’t do anything wrong,
but hyenas and jackals can make it look so.
i let most of my crazy out with friends and foxholers.
they all tried to keep me reassured,
but the other side was:

“What if it doesn’t happen?”

after speaking to that older vixen at unemployment,
she left my fate with a question mark.
don’t do that.
don’t have me out here slowly going crazier than i am.
that she was.
everything was enhanced at that point.
i started seeing how i had little to no money and was on survival mode.
one of the foxholers donated money to me for groceries,
but other than that,
i was about to be on tap.
i woke up to blessings

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