Let’s Record Him High and Send It to RadarOnline

i find videos like the following to be very sad.
so i didn’t know gary houston,
whitney houston‘s brother,
was allegedly addicted to drugs.
well i found out yesterday when an f-bi sent me the following article:

Whitney Houston Brother Caught Unconscious Outside Drug Den In Video

…courtesy of radar online.
of course,
i saw “drug den” and had to see wtf was up.
well in the video was so depressing to me.
it showed gary,
allegedly high af,
in his suv.
check it out below
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And In Another “Homophobic Jackal” News

stories like the following really bug me.
you can get killed for not only the color of your skin,
but if someone suspects you are gay or not.
it’s pathetic and downright sad.
well the following “homophobic jackal story” comes straight out of my state.
new yawk.
an f-bi sent in what happened via the ny daily news
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