Baller Wolf, Nic Harris, Is Back On The Grid

nic harris.
nfl baller turned personal trainer/actor/model wolf.
we have talked about him a few times within the foxhole.
he is good wolfie people and also very intelligent.
i love listening to him talk with his big words ‘n’ shit.
well nic vanished for a while.
last i know,
he went to italy to play ball and went off the grid.
well ^that picture came bouncing down my twitter timeline.
it caught my attention with the quickness.
i had to go sniffin around and well…
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When The Baller Wolf Cums (2 The Rescue)

we fucked.
real good too.
right over there by that window.
you can’t see the window,
but it is the room sized one that overlooks the entire high line down in the meat packing district.
new yawk.
i wanted him to pack all his 8″ of latex covered meat inside me in front of that window.
that kind of voyeuristic shit turns me on.
even though he is in the public eye…
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