The Breakfast Club Didn’t Cry At The Funeral of Nicki Minaj Either

so i been waiting to hear what my two top media talkers had to say about “shether”.

wendy williams
the breakfast club

i’m always interested in what charlamange has to say about shit.
we are cut from the same cloth of “tellin’ it like it is”.
the problem with radio hosts,
and even bloggers,
is we are put into a position to say our opinions on issues.
it may leave a lot of hurt feelings along the way.
well the breakfast club,
who has had a few run ins with nicki minaj in the past,
gave their review on the “shether” track and well…
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We Will Be Seeing More of Trevante Rhodes In His CK Undies Soon

so fun fact.
4 actors who were in moonlight donned calvin klein last night at the oscars.

trevante rhodes
naomie harris
alex hibbert
aston sanders

another fun fact.
take out naomie and add:

mahershala ali

…as the 4 actor wolves who got signed to be ’17 calvin klein models.
a vix-bi directed me to all the shots from the upcoming ads via facebook
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You Can’t Block The “Moonlight”

all 3 stages of his life from “moonlight”.
so last night,
after it looked like “la la land” took best picture,
my bawdy decided to get violently sick.
not my choice or because of the winner.
i was ejecting TMI from each hole.
i turned the tv off after they walked up stage,
but i apparently missed all the festivities.
this is what went down…
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