The Hyena Who Hated Gays and Wants R E S P E C T

we have covered a ton of attentionistos in the foxhole.
we have also covered the ones who hate “us” commenting under their “work”.
those ungrateful hyenas have since been cancelled.
i’m looking at you.
well an f-bi sent me one i have never heard of a day in my life.
he has something to say to all the gays who “disrespect” him…
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When Your Career Is In “Doubt”

^that is laverne cox about to tackle her for ruining this check.
i don’t get the following.
i do.
i remember when izzie stephens,
played by katherine heigl,
became the “it vixen” on grey’s anatomy.
as soon as any vixen from a tv show becomes “it”,
she is put into a ton of movies to raise her fan base.
“knocked up” and “the ugly truth” where her big movies during her prime.
well katherine heighl is the example of “biting the hand that feeds you”.
after a long list of flops,
she got on a show called “doubt” on cbs.
well after two episodes,
it’s been cancelled.
check out why via ew
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