Emmanuel Sanders Been Getting His Common Sense Fucked Out

wasn’t it just yesterday i posted about the foxhole baller wolf fav,
emmanuel sanders,
for the first time?
emmanuel has always been sexy to me.
his voice,
how charming he is,
and that he is so animated on his snapchat.
emmanuel is also very mysterious about his personal life.
for a long time,
i thought he was single.
it was revealed that he that he got married to an exxxotical.
he ended up had a cub by her.
i found out he had cub #2 recently…
…when his wife ( x put him on blast ),
got a restraining order,
and filed for divorce.
well his wife has put him on blast yet again.
it seems our emmanuel been out here getting it in all kinds of heavy.
this is what the wife had to say via tmz sports
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Font Shit; Get Hit (Yusaf Mack)

well yusaf mack is back on the attack!
ya know,
online hyenas are funny.
they will font keystrokes of of shit,
but when you see them in public,
there is nothing to be said.
there was a hyena who has been harassing yusaf online.
i guess he thought because yusaf is gay,
he was some sort of pussy.
well yusaf saw him in the barber shop and all hell broke loose.
a vix-bi sent me the story via tmz sports
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The NEW New Yawk

its amazing how much new yawk has changed over the years.
i heard everyone talking about it,
and giving reasons why they left/leaving,
but i stayed in my own routine to really understand.
it’s amazing what you see when your eyes start to open.
even with you as an animal within this concrete forest.
the pretty vixen and i met up to hang out…
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