Your Personality Is Keeping You Single

take a selfie
look good
don’t speak
don’t smile
look like your dog died
take a video
remove layers of clothing
smize into the camera
wait for likes
everyone likes you
happy camper

that is a regular day for someone on social media.
if you are an attentionisto,
it’s almost better to just be a mute with a bawdy.
what i’ve noticed tho…
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So Orlando Brown Was MmmBoppin’ On The Down Low?

whenever i hear someone is a homophobic hyena,
i automatically assume they want my foxhole or someone in theirs.
the homophobic hyenas always make things way too easy.
remember when orlando brown called out trey songz the other day?
( x read about it here )
it seems that he is being allegedly called out for his “activities” as well.
this is where a vix-bi led me…
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