one thing i can’t do is stink.
smelling it and reading about it.
so i know you heard about the two hyenas disrespecting the “bed, bath, and beyond” display bed.
( x read that story here )
scabies and shit.
 you know i was sick reading that.
well you know they were so bad,
the station they were at had to fumigated?
well this is what happened via the daily mail
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When The Crazy Jackals Strike Without Warning

you know don’t know who is crazy af out here.
crazy doesn’t have a “look”.
it can look like a regula degula shemegula in your neighborhood or block.
you wouldn’t think ^that jackal would commit the following crime.
you wouldn’t assume he was a jailbird either.
his name is junal jordan and this is what he did via the new york daily news
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Orlando Brown Helps To Allegedly Out Tremaine Neverson?

orlando brown,
who use to star on “that’s so raven” and is the resident alleged crackhead,
has a message for keke palmer.
he has some words of advice for her in regards to tremaine neverson.
“trey songz”,
for those who haven’t been in the foxhole long.
keke and tremaine had some confusion a couple weeks ago.
( x read bout it here )

this is what orlando had to say to her via ig
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