Beyonce Twins Made People Forget About Their Own

^this is the picture that kept on giving yesterday.
beyonce announced her pregnancy with twins on ig,
and of course,
everyone is related to her.

“i can’t wait to be an uncle!”
“godmommy duties in order!”
“i can’t wait to organize the baby shower!”

i will say i’m a little confused at the theme of the photo shoot.
well she had a ton of UN-released shots via beylite…
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A “Woke” Tremaine Is A “Get This Foxhole” Tremaine

there are many things that turn me on about tremaine neverson.
^that picture is one of them.
well even though tremaine was acting a plum fool a few weeks ago,
it doesn’t stop him from being woke.
he always drops good brain on his twitter ever so often.
so the VP jackal of this country,
mike pence,
tweeted this:

…and then tremaine responded with this

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