Say Goodbye to President Barack Obama

president barack obama is done.
whether you liked him,
or wasn’t a fan,
but you can’t say that he didn’t leave his mark.
i loved his farewell speech.
he spoke truth and still took time to subtly drag this new hyena.
i have a feeling he’ll be missed
or not?

lowkey: i’m going to miss michelle obama the most.

Why Is Our New President Clapping Back on Twitter?

why is this still okay?
donald trump hasn’t seem to realize he is the new…
it’s so weird to font that out loud.
so meryl streep had an amazing speech at the golden globes.
you can tell she was dragging him,
but she didn’t mention any names

i love what she said about empathy.
donald trump ran to twitter and tweeted this…
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So Kelly Price is Involved In The Chris Brown/Soulja Boy Nonsense?

they are realllllllllllly serious about this fight.
i hear it’s in dubai because the us don’t want that fuckery.
well at least kelly price is booked.

Dylann Roof Will Be Leaving Jail Soon

well i didn’t see this coming.
so remember this supreme jackal by the name of dylann roof?
he is the one who murdered everyone after bible study in charlseton, south carolina.
his motive was to start a race war.
( x see it here )
it was a such a disgusting story.
well he learned his fate today and well…
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