Bobby Brando Is Showing His Entire Tail

^that’s bobby brando.
we have talked about him before.
he is the pre baller wolf who came out,
is trying to launch a rap career,
but isn’t reaching the same fame as michael sam did.
bobby is also more attractive,
but that is personal opinion.
well he has a few shots for foxhole review.
peep this…
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Something Is Up With Stella Bulochnikov (Mariah Carey’s Manager)

i’m not really a fan of mariah’s manager,
stella bulochnikov.
ever since she teamed up with mc,
all kind of shit has been off.
so you know how mariah has that reality show i refuse to watch?
oh you didn’t?
well now you know.

well they just released this as the promo for this week…
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The Pain of Taking Pipe

/the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is more than likely advised.

i have always admired those who take pipe well.
this is going to be a sexual entry.
God has already forgiven me.
so taking pipe in the life is an art form.
it takes a lot to have something going in and out of you.
speed and force tbd.
many love it,
but some can’t handle it.
it has literally turned some into full blown wolves.
as much as they have tried,
they simply can’t get into it.
all the cleaning and to actually stick it in.
you gotta be a real pipe enthusiast to deal.
those who love it are already prepared with what to expect.
either it’s gonna be:

a) “i could have caught up on season 2 of blackish instead of this.”
b) “omg! i didn’t know he could fuck!”

for those who get the latter,
it can turn you completely out.
i was watching this video and i said to myself:

“I don’t think this fox was ready for what this dl wolf was about to give.”

so um…
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