When A Gospel Great Lends Her Scalp For A Dragging

gospel great,
shirley ceasar,
gained some popularity with her thanksgiving memes.
now tho…
she is on the way too being banished.
so she defend kim burrell for her recent statements on gays.
at a sermon at first baptist church of glenarden in maryland,
shirley had this to say…
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Black TV Needs To Make White People Comfortable

has lee daniels gone mad?
i am being serious.
he has said some questionable shit in the past,
but i can’t with this statement he made about his new show “star”.
this is what he told ebony magazine
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When A Male Gets Cheated On (The World Must Stop)

cheated on.
it is so interesting how males handle getting cheated on.
i wonder how i would handle it?
i was there for most of my home vixens being hurt by infidelity.
the wolves i know are all cheaters.
that old adage of:

“i was just fuckin them vixens.
i was gonna get right back.”

well one of my home wolves seems to have gotten his relationship karma
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