Tommy Mottola Wants Us To Hear His Opinion

so tommy mottola makes his appearance.
for those who never left their den,
he is mariah’s trifling ex hyena.
well he decided to write an open letter about mariah through page six.
this is what he had to font
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Cam Newton: The King Baller Wolf of Petty

cam newton is an incredible baller wolf,
but he is also a divo.

it’s no secret.
well who knew he was super petty?
i don’t think that’s a secret as well.
well a reporter started questioning cam about a picture on his ig.
well this was cam’s response
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The Porn Star Jackal Beats It Up (Again)

what a transformation.
well ^that is porn star jackal,
tyce jax.
we talked about him before.
( x check the archives )
well he is back in the spotlight again for abusing his boyfriend.
the same boyfriend from last.
project q has more…
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