UPDATE: Blessings Came Down To A Fellow Foxhole Vet!

i’ve learned that the rain has to fall in order for flowers to grow.
it’s simply your season to be rained on and washed out.
it’s only after the rain has passed that you see the blessings in your life.
well malcolm,
a fellow foxhole vet,
has been through some rain and wanted to update us.
i ( x wrote an entry ) asking you to pray for him.
well check out what has happened to him since…
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Azealia Banks Gonna Hang A Chicken Head on Sia Front Door

i love sia.
i love the stuff she writes for others and her own music.
most of the time,
she sings my life or current situation.
well she may have had something to say about azealia banks sacrificing chickens earlier
she said this on her twitter:

you already know the spirits of messy and misfortune alerted azealia.
she allegedly put this on her instagram
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Azealia Banks Will Sacrifice You Like A Chicken

i wouldn’t play around with azealia banks if i was you.
yeah she crazy and can drag you to hell,
but she can also make your life hell too.
azealia allegedly practices ‘brujería and shit.
i guess growing up around dominicans influenced her.
she put up an instagram story for her cleaning out her closet.
she been sacrificing chickens
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