Tiny Harris Finally Makes Her Xscape (Get It?)

she went and got her eyes lightened.
she had alleged threesomes.
she stayed after countless affairs and a alleged cub on the side.
she even had another cub for whatever reasoning.
well tiny harris is done and filed for divorce from t.i.
a vix-bi just alerted me on the breaking news.
you know it’s official when people magazine reports it…
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Auntie Viv Wants To Start Our Year Off Right With “Black Magic”

auntie viv aka vivica a. fox knows where to get her bread buttered.

half naked wolves taking off their clothes for minds to fill with filth

she knows vixens and foxholers will line up in droves for that.
well she decided to give us what we want.
a show about some “skrippas”.
^that “skrippa”,
who goes by “bolo”,
is one of the many joining her new show called “black magic”.
it will be shown on lifetime and this is the trailer
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Let’s Do Something Wild Tonight! Let’s Go Catch HIV!

so we covered a lot of good stuff in the foxhole for 2016.
well how did we miss this story?
it’s about a new way of having raw sex.
a foxholer sent me the latest wave in catching hiv.
you do it purposely!
it’s called “sex roulette”.
it goes a little something like this via the huffington post
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Yamen Sanders Is A Hoodsworld Pre Baller Wolf Alum

i woke up one day and hoodsworld was gone.
he use to quench my hunger for pre to baller wolf meat.
then he was gone.
gone i say!
well foto119 had a shoot with ^this wolf here.
his name is yamen sanders and hoodsworld would feature him a lot.
he plays football for the montana grizzles.
let’s get into his are his current pre baller wolf stats
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