So It’s “Fourth Harmony” Now?

…and i voted for them when they were on x factor too.
shame that fifth harmony is a quartet now.
camilla left,
but even tho i don’t really see “solo star” for her.
now i’d like to normani go solo.

she seems to be the fan favorite.
too bad basic is “in” or we’d get some black girl solo magic.
i know her debut album would be a good one.
i wish camilla well tho.

lowkey: i hope camilla knows she has to bring it.

Foto119 Makes Antonio Vizcaino Look Like Good Dick

one thing i’m attracted to is a wolf with confidence.
being sexy is great,
but if you don’t have anything else to back it up,
i’ll get bored real quick.
a confident wolf will help you drop your guard and open you up.
if you are a shy fox,
a wolf like that will have you unleashing your inner werewolf.
have you doing shit you didn’t think you would.
i see that with foto119 latest,
antonio vizcaíno.
he is a dominican model wolf from texas who looks…
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