Dem Hips Don’t Lie Pon Tings: (Locker Room Edition)

so you know how much i love pre or baller wolves?
 how much i like a big squeezable tail?
and you probably know i like a wolf who knows how to move his hips?
well a foxholer sent me this pre or baller wolf in the locker room
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Black Males Are Becoming More Feminine? (T.I. Ponders)

you know t.i. like to show us how “smart” he is on social media.
he will open up his thesaurus and drop 10 dollar words in a rant.
well t.i. was up at 12 midnight the other night,
researching i’m sure,
and decided to en-lighting us with…


he posted it to his twitter and ig for thesaurus-like debates.
check it out…
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