He Likes Her To Drop That Strap Deep In His Tail

/you already know this is gonna be some explicit content
viewer discretion is…
well you know.

so remember this topic in the foxhole about what tom ford said?
( x see it here again )
well i legit been still thinking about that.
i saw this video fly down my tumblr timeline today…
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Chris Brown Yells At Us To Buy His New Song, “Party”

so chris brown has a “demanding” problem.
he is quite the divo.
when he WANTS you to buy his records,
he will disrespect you and others into doing so.
so chris has a new record called “party” he just released.
this is the new video
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I Don’t Fit Into The Gay Life

there has been a lot of discussion within the foxhole lately.
it has been about relationships or the life in general.
the thing i love about the foxhole is how intelligently we debate.
i’ve been thinking about something that i’ve wanted an opinion on.
so everyone in the life talks about:

“you shouldn’t be following heterosexual norms”
“there should be no roles as far as dating”
“wolf? top? hybrid? what?”

but then my thing is
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