Is This What Dominicans Looking Like Nowadays?

dominicans are a special type of hispanic.
i find some of them to be sexier than ricans.
not all.

they always look so strong.
their upper bawdies>>>>
well check out this dominican workout warrior wolf my foxholer sent me.
he goes by the name “dominican hard fit”.
well that sounds promising
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So I Guess Kanye Is Performing At The Inauguration?

well it has happened.
kanye west has officially gone bat shit crazy.
this was the talk at work today.

“omg everyone check out the news…”

i’m thinking something serious happened.

“kanye just met with donald trump at trump towers”

all i could do was shake my head.
i was reaching for my bag in case i had to run out of ther.
well this is the video i saw via c-span
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