There Is So Much To Grab When It’s This Big (Edward Ponton Jr)

i may not be a fan of big pipes,
but i do like big bawdies.
nothing feels better on top of you like a meaty son of a bitch.
don’t be slim or fun sized either.
he will throw your tail all over the room and you’ll love it.
edward ponton jr is my favorite big bawdy size…
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Thomas Q. Jones Is Brought “Back 2 Life”

let’s talk about thomas q. jones.
we haven’t talked about him in a while.
so as the months went on,thomas showed us he is more than a “cutty buddy” from “being mary jane”.
thomas is woke and smart.
yadda yadda yadda.
thomas looks like melanin sex.
am i lying?
well letoya luckett has a new video and guess who she hired as the love interest?
thomas q. jones.
this is the trailer for her music video,
“back 2 life”
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