Herman Newsome, aka HNAmazin, Is Getting Paid To Smash


/this entry will contain graphic images and material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so that connectpal shit is for the birds.
i don’t want to see anyone jackin off or taking a shower.
if ima pay good money to cum,
i want to see sex.
well ^that wolf decided to take his skills on the road.
the porn studio to make some money off his talent!
you might remember him from these videos
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This Is What Happens When You Aren’t Home

constedujourokay imagine this…
you leave to go to work everyday and went you get back,
you can sense something happened in your crib.
you know when someone has been in your space.
it’s like the energy is off.
you start noticing your bed wasn’t how you left it.
you can’t prove anything,
but you know something is definitely up.
you decide to set up a hidden video camera to record your bedroom.
when you get home and reviewed the video,
this is what you saw via the smoking gun
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I Get Mad (I’ll Chop Your D*ck Off)

largewhat a way to go.
“stuck and left naked with a chopped off penis”.
the remix from that lil’ kim song.
it just sounds like a slow and painful death.
well a f-bi sent me what happened in new yawk,
up in the bx,
over the weekend.
a hooker jackal decided the best way to end a situation was…
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